A Very YOUTUBE Christmas Card!

This printable holiday card features some of my favorite YouTubers, BrittaniLouiseTaylor, ShaneDawsonTV, OlgaKay, sxephil, ijustine, meekakitty, and RayWilliamJohnson! Click on the image above to see it full-size, select print, and fold in half both ways to enjoy the card! Write a special message in the blank area and give it to someone you love. Happy Holidays! :)

Watch the video here: A Very YOUTUBE Christmas Card!

Learn how to make your own card here: mini tutorial: Making Christmas Cards!


Shaytards Christmas Card!

This printable holiday card features all of our favorite Shaytards as tiny gingerbread people fresh out of the oven! Click on the image above to see it full-size, select print, and fold in half both ways to enjoy the card! Write a special message in the blank area and give it to someone you love. Happy Holidays! :)

Watch the video here: Shaytards Christmas Card!

Learn how to make your own card here: mini tutorial: Making Christmas Cards!


Holiday Spirit!

It's December already!!! Get ready for some Holiday magic! This tutorial is only some basics on card making in photoshop. I hope you all get inspired to create your own! I'll be making YouTube themed Christmas Cards that you'll be able to print and enjoy! Trust me, your gonna love them! Until then, enjoy these cute, cuddly kittens!


JoeNationTV is bringing SEXY BACK!

JoeNation likes to keep it sexy, so I did just that! haha! Once I saw this dailybooth photo of Joe doing his signature eyebrow lift- I just had to touch it! Joe has a bright future ahead of him, as anyone can see, he's got an eye for cinematography! His videos have a silly humor about them, especially when he portrays Bob Thunder, youtube's toughest assassin. As much as I would of loved to do a fun retouch with Bob Thunder, nothing special came to mind, but I hope you all like this touched up photo of Joe! I hope he likes it too, and keeps taking youtube videos to the next level!

Watch the video here: JoeNationTV is bringing SEXY BACK!


wheezywaiter Good -or- EVIL!? (digital painting)

This digital painting was the most time consuming yet! The final product was actually TOO detailed, and a little too unbelievable, therefore the final version you see now has been substantially blurred to look more like a painting and less like a photograph. I also made a colored version, but the painting lost too much detail and depth, as well as the bold, red devil wheezy completely throwing the painting off balance. I highly recommend you check out wheezywaiter's videos, he has a very calm way about him, even with explosions and extreme close-ups. He always has something interesting to vlog about it, and will surely be among the top subscribed for a long time. Now if you'll excuse me beardlovers, I have an eagle to catch...

Watch the video here: wheezywaiter Good -or- EVIL!? (digital painting)


Touching My Subscribers #4




Watch the video here: Touching My Subscribers #4

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos!!!
If you didn't get picked, remember this is a continuing series, so try again!

vvv Instructions are on the post below! vvv



For the final installment of The Haunted Mantel series, I went with a popular pick, Julian Smith! Viral genius? yes. Hilarious comedian? yes. Freaky scary pirate? oh yes yes yes. His videos have a unique brand of humor that matches perfectly with the internet generation. This guy is also a really talented actor, as you can clearly see by the wide range of characters he expertly portrays. From the start of this series, I knew I wanted to do a creepy pirate look, the problem was who? This screenshot popped out at me like a buried treasure! It was a fantastically fun retouch, and I think its pretty scary! Hope you all like it! I Would love to hear what Julian thinks about this!

Happy Halloween everyone! The Haunted Mantel series is now over, but up next I'll have another Touching My Subscribers, so check the post below, its never too late!

Watch the video here: JULIAN SMITH wants yar BOOTY!


charlie is so WITCH like?

When I say charlieissocoollike is cute, clever, and cool, I mean it! This guy really has talent! Maybe its the accent, but he has the magic to keep viewers attention. While looking for good screenshots of my favorite youtubers, this one flew out at me and screamed "witch"! So here it is, another makeover (makeunder?) to add to The Haunted Mantel series! October is almost over! Theres only one video left for this series...can you guess who? Hope you all enjoy this scary witch retouch- I hope Charlie likes it too- that would be so cool...like!

Watch the video here: charlie is so WITCH like?



Its the classic story of Spiderman, except with a pumpkin! haha! We all know pumpkins don't bite...or do they? Its another installment of The Haunted Mantel series, putting a Halloween twist on some digital art! Let me just say KevJumba is the man. His personality shines through every video! Its no wonder he caught the eye of the reality show "The Amazing Race"! #TeamJumba !!! It was very difficult to turn such a charming face into a scary pumpkin face. Infact, I don't think it came out scary at all, but there is a slight creepy tone in that smirk. I hope you all like it!

@kevjumba "Creepy but kinda cool, make a KevJumbkin for halloween!"

Watch the video here: kevJUMBA PUMPKIN!!!


Katers17 gets WRAPPED UP!

She is a British beauty complete with sense of humor! She has been making great videos for a looooong time, and I always admire youtubers who have kept with it for so long. This picture is from my "Haunted Mantel" series, which are creepy makeovers with a twist. The typical mummy look would have been a little too easy, so I wanted the wraps to reveal a beautiful Egyptian princess, and this screenshot spoke to me. The final picture is really mysterious- I love the way it turned out! Kate made it easy, her makeup was perfect. I hope she likes it!

Watch the video here: Katers17 gets WRAPPED UP!


smosh sent to CLOWN JAIL!? WTF?

Ian and Anthony seem like such nice guys, hard to believe they'd put on clown makeup, rob a bank, and shoot innocent hostages. Heck, these guys are so awesome even videos from jail would rock! Luckily, none of that really happened (obviously), im only talking about the latest legend on the Halloween Haunted Mantel Series! I hope your all enjoying these extra creepy photos with extra strange ghost stories! (and if your not, dont worry, after October I'll start with an all new Touching My Subscribers, more digital paintings, tutorials, the usual.) Don't you love how psycho Anthony looks? and Ian plays the sad hobo clown role perfectly. lol I'm definitely interested to know what smosh thinks about this video. I was originally planning to turn them into a real-life Burt & Ernie, but trust me, this came out better.

Watch the video here: smosh sent to CLOWN JAIL!? WTF?


CecMonster will EAT YOU!!!

I absolutely love Cecily's channel, and wanted to do a retouch of her. Being the feisty woman she is, a flesh-eating-zombie-monster just felt right. hehe

I hope you enjoy the first installment of "The Haunted Mantel" series, which will have creepy retouch makeovers (makeunders perhaps?) complete with a spooky story! The series will have several videos for October only, so stay tuned! I'll even be using some of your suggestions! Check out the post below for details on that!

Watch the video: CecMonster will EAT YOU!!!


Who would you like to see turned into a Halloween ghoul-ghost-monster-zombie legend?

I'll be taking your suggestions all October for some special Halloween videos!

Check out my new channel page for the official moderator where you can post your suggestions!

Here's an example of the ideas im looking for: ijustine as an evil zombie!
You can also vote up your favorite suggestions!

Also, I'm about to hit 2,000 subscribers, and I couldn't be more proud, and thankful to all of you who watch and enjoy my videos. Thank you all so much!


soundlyawake Likes ME!!!?

Robot love is in the air! After reading some comments left by soundlyawake on my videos, I was thrilled to see he liked me!!! (I know, not in THAT way...) but try telling my little robot friend that! lol Anyway, it inspired me to make a robot man! Thats the story! In all seriousness, I really love soundlyawake's videos, was happy to get noticed by him, and even happier to see he enjoyed my vids! I hope he likes this one! I hope you all do!!! (and I hope you all get the joke!)

The most difficult part was keeping enough of his human features so he'd still be recognizable! It was a really drastic transformation! The final picture isn't the most realistic, but I tend to lean towards a more artistic style as you could probably tell in all my artwork! Quite frankly, if I just simply retouched photos there would be barely a difference to the untrained eye, and the video certainly wouldn't be as entertaining!

Also, sorry the transformation recording ran a little short! My computer ran out of memory half way through! Ooops!

Watch the video here: soundlyawake Likes ME!!!?


Touching My Subscribers #3




Watch the video here: Touching My Subscribers #3
Thanks to everyone who sent in photos!!!
If you didn't get picked, remember this is a continuing series, so try again!

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When it comes to genuinely nice people on Youtube, Kandee is right up there with ShayCarl. Though I obviously haven't met her in person, its clear in her videos shes just as sweet as her name suggests. I love her tutorials, and have probably learned more from her than any other beauty guru. She is truly an inspiration! The final photo reminded me so much of a sidewalk painting, so thats exactly where I put it! (photoshopped of course). Since Halloween is right around the corner, and shes known for doing very artistic Halloween makeup, I'm hoping to get inspired to make a more elaborate video featuring her and her many looks! My next video will be a Touching My Subscribers, so get excited, you might just be in it!

Watch the video here: SWEETER than KANDEE!?


mini tutorial: perfect skin!

One of the most amazing things photoshop can do is give you flawless skin. In this tutorial, I do my best to explain how. These kind of techniques take alot of practice. Even I get it wrong sometimes. Infact, even in this tutorial the skin is quite over-airbrushed, but thats mainly for the sake of the tutorial to show you how far you can take it. You can use this same demonstration to cover anything anywhere! (a tattoo, smudged lipstick, a unibrow!) I recommend using the healing brush to fix up your facebook photos, your friends will never know! haha

Watch the video here: mini tutorial: get PERFECT skin!


The MysteryGuitarMan clone JAM!

MysteryGuitarMan is an extremely talented editor, and a creative inspiration for me. He combines music with advanced editing techniques to create some of the most unique and original videos on YouTube! A simple makeover just wouldn't cut it, so I went for quantity, not qaulity, and created 60 different photoshopped frames to play around with. Compared to what Joe does, this was nothing, but I think the result is a nice tribute to him and all the great videos he creates. I think I'll stick to editing photos. (lol) Look at this mess:

Watch the video here: The MysteryGuitarMan clone JAM!


jpmetz taught me everything I know!

This woman really is amazing. Her sense of humor is so refreshing, her videos are so unique, and if anyone on youtube deserves more exposure, its her! I absolutely love her twist on the comment section, as its always filled with compliments and marriage proposals. If your not in on the joke, then your really missing out! In all seriousness, I haven't watched someone rant this entertainingly since boh3m3! This video is my compliment to you Justine, keep making wonderful videos full of cheer! I hope you like your makeover, or at least throw me a good insult, it would be an honor.

Heres the before & after:
"OMG LOLLLL i love it! this is so cool thanks @retouchmeyt!"



There's no denying it, this man loves his wolves. He's obviously team Jacob. Thats why I created this wolf mosaic for Kassem.
It would make a pretty cool t-shirt, but I guess thats up to him! lol
Kassem has easily become one of my favorite youtubers. I especially love his role in "Hot Girlz", and once season two is out I have another retouch for him planned. It was rather difficult deciding the right spots where Kassem meets wolf. You'll notice at the mouth/nose area things get a little tricky, but I think the picture overall has just the right percentage of Kassem vs. wolf.

I hope he likes it and embraces his inner wolf!

Watch the video here: KassemG JOINS the WOLFPACK!


Touching My Subscribers #2




Watch the video here: Touching My Subscribers #2

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos!
If you didn't get picked, I will be doing more of these videos soon, so try again!

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Shane Dawson 60 years from NOW!? OMG!

Everyone gets old at some point! Chances are, Shane won't look like this at all, remember this is for entertainment purposes! Funny thing is, I originally planned on doing this "old person" makeunder to Kandee Johnson, but she is just too pretty I couldn't do this to her! Don't get me wrong, I love Shane too, but I think he would appreciate it more given his sense of humor. Im still thinking of a good video for Kandee in the future.

I also want to mention just because I already made a video with Shane does not mean I won't keep featuring new people. Alot of you keep suggesting KassemG, which I do have plans for him, Im just waiting for the right time.

I also want to feature YOU! If your interested, theres always a post with more details somewhere on this front page of my blog.

Watch the video here: Shane Dawson 60 years from NOW!? OMG!

Watch the Shanaynay makeover here: Shane Dawson's Sha-nay-nay is HOT!!!


CTFxC Family Portrait!

Don't they look so beautiful!? Charles and Alli look pretty good too. haha
I wanted to make something special for them and all the ctfxcers, and since my shaytard painting got alotta love, why not do the same for my other favorite daily vloggers?

Here's something you'll only see on my blog, the painting about halfway done:

This was just after I finished all the lines and smoothing. From here I added tiny details and more layers of depth. The most challenging part was the dogs, seeing I don't paint animals that often. I either made them look too fluffy, or like stuffed animals, but in the end I think I found a nice balance. I also had trouble getting Char's hair to look just right!
The final product came out pretty good!
I hope Charles and Alli see it and love it too!

Watch the video here: CTFxC Family Portrait! (digital painting)


Meet CARTOON spricket24!!!

The delightfully crazy red head, Karen Alloy, would make a great cartoon character! I was inspired by anime eyes and old school nintendo graphics, and this is what happened! The end result has a pretty unique style, it would make a pretty awesome sticker.

Watch the video here: Meet CARTOON spricket24!!!


mini tutorial: adding makeup (ft. Michelle Phan)

Believe it or not, all makeup you see in this photo is NOT REAL!
In my latest video, I touch a fresh-faced Michelle Phan and show you how to add makeup to any photo using Photoshop. I chose to do a bold look for the purpose of the tutorial, but obviously you don't have to add as much!......or you could go even crazier!

Watch the tutorial here: mini tutorial: adding makeup (ft. Michelle Phan)


Touching My Subscribers #1




Watch the video here: Touching My Subscribers #1

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos!
If you didn't get picked, I will be doing more of these videos soon, so try again!


1,000 subscribers!!!

Now that I've hit 1,000 subscribers (thank you all so much!!!) you can expect a special video soon! I've been away on vacation, but will be back soon with many more videos! Thank you all for watching, commenting, just being awesome. I won't stop until I've touched everyone! Be back soon!!!


davedays is BETTER than BIEBER!?

Davedays is really talented, and im so proud to see how far hes come through the years. He is proof that youtube can lead to great success, and its only just the beginning for his growing career! This picture can make a great desktop wallpaper! Click on the image to see full size, then right click and save it!


Watch the video here: davedays is BETTER than BIEBER!?


Venetian Princess, a TRUE chameleon!

She is YouTube royalty! There are so many great parodies online, and all the best ones are by this girl right here! Its amazing how much she can look like Britney Spears in one video, then Lady Gaga the next! That's what inspired me to give her a chameleon makeover- plus its one of the few looks she hasn't done already! I try to make the most drastic transformations possible, this one was really a challenge. The bottom pictures are some of my favorite screen shots.

Here's the normal retouched picture if reptiles aren't your thing.
"haha I LOVE IT!!!"

Watch the video here: Venetian Princess, a TRUE chameleon!


Who the BUCK is THAT!?

Instead of turning Michael into a drag queen, which I tend to do to most men (lol), I decided to get more practice digital painting. Hands are not my strong point.
I take great pride in saying I watched whatthebuck back when he had only 3,000 subscribers! His success is very much deserved! Lets hope he likes my video!

"holy crap! that is great!!! SO GREAT!! Love BUck"

Watch the video here: Who the BUCK is THAT!?


Before & After: meekakitty has MAGICAL POWERS!?!?!

I know that Tessa likes alot of fantasy-type stuff (me too!) so I thought turning her into some kind of superhero/wizard would be cool! At first I didn't want to change her hair color, because red hair is so rare, I truly envy anyone lucky enough to have it! Yet after I saw how this platinum blond looked on her, there was no going back!
I hope she likes it!- but dont dye your hair!!!

"AHAHAHAHA! awesome XD"

Watch the video here: meekakitty has MAGICAL POWERS!?!?!


Before & After: communitychannel NEEDS to be TOUCHED!!!

"Where pixels come to die, and lamington videos never get made."
There's alot of "inside jokes" that only a true communitychannel watcher would notice in this video, right down to the pose and the soft white light. I really love Natalie's videos, and this slightly comedic retouch seemed to fit her style.
I hope she likes it!

Watch the video here: communitychannel NEEDS to be TOUCHED!!!

edit: After a lot of odd and undeserving hateful comments, I've changed the video title to "Lets TOUCH communitychannel!". Apparently not everyone understands the play on words when I say "TOUCHED", and took it as if I was saying Natalie needs to be photoshopped because shes ugly?...(which is RIDICULOUS! and couldn't be further from the truth.)
I hope maybe now people can focus more on the art aspect of the photo, because thats what its really about, and maybe laugh at some of the hidden jokes/references to Nat's videos inside this video. Afterall, the whole point was to pay tribute to her, and its unfortunate so many people took this the wrong way. I'm just a fan of her videos like everyone else, and I certainly love her just the way she is.


The Newest little SHAYTARD!

This drawing was done completely in photoshop- without a tablet! Im not the best when it comes to painting in photoshop, but a special family like the shaytards deserve a special portrait.
Infact, heres something you will only see in my blog...
I had originally stopped the drawing at this point:

I later decided to put a few more hours into it for a more realistic look. Shay's eye alone took at least an hour to shape correctly. I absolutely love the end result!
The shaytards must love it too!- they added it to favorites! :)

Watch the video here: The Newest little SHAYTARD! (digital painting)

Before & After: Olgakay is SO thoughtful!!!

The emotion and drama in this photo is undeniable, and certainly worth a retouch! Her pose reminded me of a classy, romantic painting. The eyes are my favorite part of this picture, looking like there just about to cry, its truly beautiful.

Before & After: Servin' up a BLT with STYLE!

I spent a long time going through brittani's videos to find the perfect screenshot of her holding the letters. I think I got it just right! Brittani liked the photo so much shes using it as her twitter background!

"This is crazy! I wish I was as good as you with photoshop!! :D"

Watch the video here: Servin' up a BLT with STYLE! (photo makeover)

Before & After: ijustine is the ULTIMATE beach BABE!

As soon I stumbled across this photo of ijustine, I knew it would be an amazing retouch! Its the look in the eyes that really makes a photo extraordinary.

Before & After: Shane Dawson's Sha-nay-nay is HOT!!!

Its difficult to drastically retouch a photo of a man, all your really doing is clearing up the skin, maybe making the eyes pop, so naturally I went ahead and retouched Shanaynay. Whether or not to keep the 3rd eyebrow was one of the most difficult decisions of my life.

See the video here: Shane Dawson's Sha-nay-nay is HOT!!!

Photo Contest: ORANGE: the newest SEX symbol?

Here's a closer look at one of my entries for the realannoyingorange photo contest. Unfortunately, I didn't win, but I still love this picture! :)

See all my entries here: ORANGE: the newest SEX symbol?