mini tutorial: Digital Painting

Watch the video here: mini tutorial: Digital Painting

Most people don't believe me when I say how easy digital painting is. Its alot like using a real canvas, except everything can be undone at any moment, and you have more tools at your disposal. This beginners guide is great for those who have never attempted to draw on the computer. I began learning doing this same exact painting I re-create in the video, and yes, I too started in that simple paint program. If you want to make a truly spectacular painting, take your time and come back to it frequently to add more and more detail. Good luck and happy painting! Have fun and get creative!

Like everyone else, its been a busy holiday season for me, and this will be my last video for this year. I will be back in 2012 better than ever! Hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday, with a happy new year!