Touching My Subscribers #20

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Thank you to all who sent in photos! If you want to be part of "Touching My Subscribers", check out this new instructional video here: Want me to touch you?
Good Luck!


Philip DeFranco at MUSCLE Beach! (digital painting)

The best thing about creating paintings is using your imagination. As you can see, my imagination of YouTube star "sxePhil" is completely accurate. (haha)
I originally imagined a more serious painting as a tribute to him, but the thought of summer nearby, and knowing Phil's sense of humor, this painting quickly took a silly turn! On a serious note, I have so much respect for him and all he has accomplished. He's been a real presence on YouTube for years now, and seeing him grow himself into a company, with an entire DeFranco Nation of loyal viewers, has been so inspiring. His videos have evolved so much throughout the years, from telling jokes standing against a wall in his bedroom, to creating an entire news show. Seeing him and LinzLoves (she'll always be bravesgirl15 to me) then and now- my how the times have changed! I hope Lindsay enjoys this painting, as well as all of you! Also, a big congratulations to Phil for all his continued success!

Watch the video here: