jpmetz taught me everything I know!

This woman really is amazing. Her sense of humor is so refreshing, her videos are so unique, and if anyone on youtube deserves more exposure, its her! I absolutely love her twist on the comment section, as its always filled with compliments and marriage proposals. If your not in on the joke, then your really missing out! In all seriousness, I haven't watched someone rant this entertainingly since boh3m3! This video is my compliment to you Justine, keep making wonderful videos full of cheer! I hope you like your makeover, or at least throw me a good insult, it would be an honor.

Heres the before & after:
"OMG LOLLLL i love it! this is so cool thanks @retouchmeyt!"


  1. Saw your video at yourube with Blair and Elle Fowler. Awesome!:)

  2. saw dis vid on utube . saw ur vid from ur chanel advertisement. saw ur advertisement as a coment under jp's channel. coool. was dat fotoshop. i love jpmetz. i subscribed to ur chanel. can u check out my blog and lv a coment somewhere. u can even put my link in ur pants bar on utube if u'd like. sianrose01.blogspot.com hp u get as famous as jp herseklf