Shane Dawson 60 years from NOW!? OMG!

Everyone gets old at some point! Chances are, Shane won't look like this at all, remember this is for entertainment purposes! Funny thing is, I originally planned on doing this "old person" makeunder to Kandee Johnson, but she is just too pretty I couldn't do this to her! Don't get me wrong, I love Shane too, but I think he would appreciate it more given his sense of humor. Im still thinking of a good video for Kandee in the future.

I also want to mention just because I already made a video with Shane does not mean I won't keep featuring new people. Alot of you keep suggesting KassemG, which I do have plans for him, Im just waiting for the right time.

I also want to feature YOU! If your interested, theres always a post with more details somewhere on this front page of my blog.

Watch the video here: Shane Dawson 60 years from NOW!? OMG!

Watch the Shanaynay makeover here: Shane Dawson's Sha-nay-nay is HOT!!!

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