HotforWords Comic Strip!!!

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Hello my dear students! ...I mean... hey all! (that is fun to say lol)
Check out my newest photoshop project featuring Marina from the YouTube channel hotforwords! She has the most unique education videos, proving the phrase, "Intelligence Is Sexy!" I thought of this little joke for a comic strip, and knowing Marina's good sense of humor, I thought she might like it as well. Originally, I began to draw Marina from scratch, but it didn't have the cartoony-feel I was going for. Photoshop has a great filter called "Posterize" that helps create the effect I used in the final product. I think the end result came out pretty silly! What do you think? (don't forget to read it with a Russian accent!)

Watch the video here: HotforWords Comic Strip!!!


mini tutorial: QUICK Valentine! (ft. CTFxC)

With Valentine's Day just a few days away, a tutorial like this can really come in handy! Making your own card not only saves money, but you end up with a gift more personal and meaningful than anything found in the store! The best part is, it only takes a few minuets! Charles and Alli are one of my favorite Youtube couples, and who could forget there beautiful engagement in Spain! Pick a romantic photo of your own and transform it into a thoughtful valentine by following this video!

Watch the video here: mini tutorial: QUICK Valentine! (ft. CTFxC)

Watch the CTFxC engagement moment here: Surprise Marriage Proposal In Spain!


Touching My Subscribers #6




Watch the video here: Touching My Subscribers #6

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos!!!
If you didn't get picked, remember this is a continuing series, so try again!
Please do read the instructions, I have been getting a lot of too small or blurry photos! I have also received some really great photos that I couldn't pick because there was no YouTube channel mentioned! :o

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