Katers17 gets WRAPPED UP!

She is a British beauty complete with sense of humor! She has been making great videos for a looooong time, and I always admire youtubers who have kept with it for so long. This picture is from my "Haunted Mantel" series, which are creepy makeovers with a twist. The typical mummy look would have been a little too easy, so I wanted the wraps to reveal a beautiful Egyptian princess, and this screenshot spoke to me. The final picture is really mysterious- I love the way it turned out! Kate made it easy, her makeup was perfect. I hope she likes it!

Watch the video here: Katers17 gets WRAPPED UP!

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome
    im a total fan of your videos

    what Photoshop edition do u use and can u make a brief tutorial on how to edit some things

    not just ache but adding those cool things with the mummy wrap thing.


    i would like to learn so i can show all my friends and actually be good at something other then school.