JennaMarbles: Youtube's SWEETHEART! (digital painting)

JennaMarbles is like no one else on Youtube with her blunt honesty and comedic rants on life. Even with her fowl language, she wins the title of Youtube's sweetheart! Shes most well known for her video showing the secrets on how to put on a "hot girl disguise". My original idea was to do my own parody of that by giving her a photoshop "ugly girl disguise", but I really try to avoid making anyone (especially a woman) look worse in the after than the before! Inspired by a short clip from one of her videos where she is playing with dangling keys, playing up the "dumb blonde" stereotype, I just had to make a digital painting! Including her adorable dogs was just extra fun, as I have been painting dogs long before I attempted humans. Overall it came out really well, and I feel the silly theme matches well with her personality. I hope Jenna likes it and I hope you all do too!

JennaMarbles :"Haha this is f#$%ing awesome!!! Thank you so much for making this"

Watch the video here: JennaMarbles: Youtube's SWEETHEART! (digital painting)