soundlyawake Likes ME!!!?

Robot love is in the air! After reading some comments left by soundlyawake on my videos, I was thrilled to see he liked me!!! (I know, not in THAT way...) but try telling my little robot friend that! lol Anyway, it inspired me to make a robot man! Thats the story! In all seriousness, I really love soundlyawake's videos, was happy to get noticed by him, and even happier to see he enjoyed my vids! I hope he likes this one! I hope you all do!!! (and I hope you all get the joke!)

The most difficult part was keeping enough of his human features so he'd still be recognizable! It was a really drastic transformation! The final picture isn't the most realistic, but I tend to lean towards a more artistic style as you could probably tell in all my artwork! Quite frankly, if I just simply retouched photos there would be barely a difference to the untrained eye, and the video certainly wouldn't be as entertaining!

Also, sorry the transformation recording ran a little short! My computer ran out of memory half way through! Ooops!

Watch the video here: soundlyawake Likes ME!!!?

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