Who would you like to see turned into a Halloween ghoul-ghost-monster-zombie legend?

I'll be taking your suggestions all October for some special Halloween videos!

Check out my new channel page for the official moderator where you can post your suggestions!

Here's an example of the ideas im looking for: ijustine as an evil zombie!
You can also vote up your favorite suggestions!

Also, I'm about to hit 2,000 subscribers, and I couldn't be more proud, and thankful to all of you who watch and enjoy my videos. Thank you all so much!


soundlyawake Likes ME!!!?

Robot love is in the air! After reading some comments left by soundlyawake on my videos, I was thrilled to see he liked me!!! (I know, not in THAT way...) but try telling my little robot friend that! lol Anyway, it inspired me to make a robot man! Thats the story! In all seriousness, I really love soundlyawake's videos, was happy to get noticed by him, and even happier to see he enjoyed my vids! I hope he likes this one! I hope you all do!!! (and I hope you all get the joke!)

The most difficult part was keeping enough of his human features so he'd still be recognizable! It was a really drastic transformation! The final picture isn't the most realistic, but I tend to lean towards a more artistic style as you could probably tell in all my artwork! Quite frankly, if I just simply retouched photos there would be barely a difference to the untrained eye, and the video certainly wouldn't be as entertaining!

Also, sorry the transformation recording ran a little short! My computer ran out of memory half way through! Ooops!

Watch the video here: soundlyawake Likes ME!!!?


Touching My Subscribers #3




Watch the video here: Touching My Subscribers #3
Thanks to everyone who sent in photos!!!
If you didn't get picked, remember this is a continuing series, so try again!

vvv Instructions are on the post below! vvv



When it comes to genuinely nice people on Youtube, Kandee is right up there with ShayCarl. Though I obviously haven't met her in person, its clear in her videos shes just as sweet as her name suggests. I love her tutorials, and have probably learned more from her than any other beauty guru. She is truly an inspiration! The final photo reminded me so much of a sidewalk painting, so thats exactly where I put it! (photoshopped of course). Since Halloween is right around the corner, and shes known for doing very artistic Halloween makeup, I'm hoping to get inspired to make a more elaborate video featuring her and her many looks! My next video will be a Touching My Subscribers, so get excited, you might just be in it!

Watch the video here: SWEETER than KANDEE!?