For the final installment of The Haunted Mantel series, I went with a popular pick, Julian Smith! Viral genius? yes. Hilarious comedian? yes. Freaky scary pirate? oh yes yes yes. His videos have a unique brand of humor that matches perfectly with the internet generation. This guy is also a really talented actor, as you can clearly see by the wide range of characters he expertly portrays. From the start of this series, I knew I wanted to do a creepy pirate look, the problem was who? This screenshot popped out at me like a buried treasure! It was a fantastically fun retouch, and I think its pretty scary! Hope you all like it! I Would love to hear what Julian thinks about this!

Happy Halloween everyone! The Haunted Mantel series is now over, but up next I'll have another Touching My Subscribers, so check the post below, its never too late!

Watch the video here: JULIAN SMITH wants yar BOOTY!


charlie is so WITCH like?

When I say charlieissocoollike is cute, clever, and cool, I mean it! This guy really has talent! Maybe its the accent, but he has the magic to keep viewers attention. While looking for good screenshots of my favorite youtubers, this one flew out at me and screamed "witch"! So here it is, another makeover (makeunder?) to add to The Haunted Mantel series! October is almost over! Theres only one video left for this series...can you guess who? Hope you all enjoy this scary witch retouch- I hope Charlie likes it too- that would be so cool...like!

Watch the video here: charlie is so WITCH like?



Its the classic story of Spiderman, except with a pumpkin! haha! We all know pumpkins don't bite...or do they? Its another installment of The Haunted Mantel series, putting a Halloween twist on some digital art! Let me just say KevJumba is the man. His personality shines through every video! Its no wonder he caught the eye of the reality show "The Amazing Race"! #TeamJumba !!! It was very difficult to turn such a charming face into a scary pumpkin face. Infact, I don't think it came out scary at all, but there is a slight creepy tone in that smirk. I hope you all like it!

@kevjumba "Creepy but kinda cool, make a KevJumbkin for halloween!"

Watch the video here: kevJUMBA PUMPKIN!!!


Katers17 gets WRAPPED UP!

She is a British beauty complete with sense of humor! She has been making great videos for a looooong time, and I always admire youtubers who have kept with it for so long. This picture is from my "Haunted Mantel" series, which are creepy makeovers with a twist. The typical mummy look would have been a little too easy, so I wanted the wraps to reveal a beautiful Egyptian princess, and this screenshot spoke to me. The final picture is really mysterious- I love the way it turned out! Kate made it easy, her makeup was perfect. I hope she likes it!

Watch the video here: Katers17 gets WRAPPED UP!


smosh sent to CLOWN JAIL!? WTF?

Ian and Anthony seem like such nice guys, hard to believe they'd put on clown makeup, rob a bank, and shoot innocent hostages. Heck, these guys are so awesome even videos from jail would rock! Luckily, none of that really happened (obviously), im only talking about the latest legend on the Halloween Haunted Mantel Series! I hope your all enjoying these extra creepy photos with extra strange ghost stories! (and if your not, dont worry, after October I'll start with an all new Touching My Subscribers, more digital paintings, tutorials, the usual.) Don't you love how psycho Anthony looks? and Ian plays the sad hobo clown role perfectly. lol I'm definitely interested to know what smosh thinks about this video. I was originally planning to turn them into a real-life Burt & Ernie, but trust me, this came out better.

Watch the video here: smosh sent to CLOWN JAIL!? WTF?


CecMonster will EAT YOU!!!

I absolutely love Cecily's channel, and wanted to do a retouch of her. Being the feisty woman she is, a flesh-eating-zombie-monster just felt right. hehe

I hope you enjoy the first installment of "The Haunted Mantel" series, which will have creepy retouch makeovers (makeunders perhaps?) complete with a spooky story! The series will have several videos for October only, so stay tuned! I'll even be using some of your suggestions! Check out the post below for details on that!

Watch the video: CecMonster will EAT YOU!!!