Before & After: communitychannel NEEDS to be TOUCHED!!!

"Where pixels come to die, and lamington videos never get made."
There's alot of "inside jokes" that only a true communitychannel watcher would notice in this video, right down to the pose and the soft white light. I really love Natalie's videos, and this slightly comedic retouch seemed to fit her style.
I hope she likes it!

Watch the video here: communitychannel NEEDS to be TOUCHED!!!

edit: After a lot of odd and undeserving hateful comments, I've changed the video title to "Lets TOUCH communitychannel!". Apparently not everyone understands the play on words when I say "TOUCHED", and took it as if I was saying Natalie needs to be photoshopped because shes ugly?...(which is RIDICULOUS! and couldn't be further from the truth.)
I hope maybe now people can focus more on the art aspect of the photo, because thats what its really about, and maybe laugh at some of the hidden jokes/references to Nat's videos inside this video. Afterall, the whole point was to pay tribute to her, and its unfortunate so many people took this the wrong way. I'm just a fan of her videos like everyone else, and I certainly love her just the way she is.

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