CTFxC Family Portrait!

Don't they look so beautiful!? Charles and Alli look pretty good too. haha
I wanted to make something special for them and all the ctfxcers, and since my shaytard painting got alotta love, why not do the same for my other favorite daily vloggers?

Here's something you'll only see on my blog, the painting about halfway done:

This was just after I finished all the lines and smoothing. From here I added tiny details and more layers of depth. The most challenging part was the dogs, seeing I don't paint animals that often. I either made them look too fluffy, or like stuffed animals, but in the end I think I found a nice balance. I also had trouble getting Char's hair to look just right!
The final product came out pretty good!
I hope Charles and Alli see it and love it too!

Watch the video here: CTFxC Family Portrait! (digital painting)

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