Venetian Princess, a TRUE chameleon!

She is YouTube royalty! There are so many great parodies online, and all the best ones are by this girl right here! Its amazing how much she can look like Britney Spears in one video, then Lady Gaga the next! That's what inspired me to give her a chameleon makeover- plus its one of the few looks she hasn't done already! I try to make the most drastic transformations possible, this one was really a challenge. The bottom pictures are some of my favorite screen shots.

Here's the normal retouched picture if reptiles aren't your thing.
"haha I LOVE IT!!!"

Watch the video here: Venetian Princess, a TRUE chameleon!


Who the BUCK is THAT!?

Instead of turning Michael into a drag queen, which I tend to do to most men (lol), I decided to get more practice digital painting. Hands are not my strong point.
I take great pride in saying I watched whatthebuck back when he had only 3,000 subscribers! His success is very much deserved! Lets hope he likes my video!

"holy crap! that is great!!! SO GREAT!! Love BUck"

Watch the video here: Who the BUCK is THAT!?


Before & After: meekakitty has MAGICAL POWERS!?!?!

I know that Tessa likes alot of fantasy-type stuff (me too!) so I thought turning her into some kind of superhero/wizard would be cool! At first I didn't want to change her hair color, because red hair is so rare, I truly envy anyone lucky enough to have it! Yet after I saw how this platinum blond looked on her, there was no going back!
I hope she likes it!- but dont dye your hair!!!

"AHAHAHAHA! awesome XD"

Watch the video here: meekakitty has MAGICAL POWERS!?!?!


Before & After: communitychannel NEEDS to be TOUCHED!!!

"Where pixels come to die, and lamington videos never get made."
There's alot of "inside jokes" that only a true communitychannel watcher would notice in this video, right down to the pose and the soft white light. I really love Natalie's videos, and this slightly comedic retouch seemed to fit her style.
I hope she likes it!

Watch the video here: communitychannel NEEDS to be TOUCHED!!!

edit: After a lot of odd and undeserving hateful comments, I've changed the video title to "Lets TOUCH communitychannel!". Apparently not everyone understands the play on words when I say "TOUCHED", and took it as if I was saying Natalie needs to be photoshopped because shes ugly?...(which is RIDICULOUS! and couldn't be further from the truth.)
I hope maybe now people can focus more on the art aspect of the photo, because thats what its really about, and maybe laugh at some of the hidden jokes/references to Nat's videos inside this video. Afterall, the whole point was to pay tribute to her, and its unfortunate so many people took this the wrong way. I'm just a fan of her videos like everyone else, and I certainly love her just the way she is.


The Newest little SHAYTARD!

This drawing was done completely in photoshop- without a tablet! Im not the best when it comes to painting in photoshop, but a special family like the shaytards deserve a special portrait.
Infact, heres something you will only see in my blog...
I had originally stopped the drawing at this point:

I later decided to put a few more hours into it for a more realistic look. Shay's eye alone took at least an hour to shape correctly. I absolutely love the end result!
The shaytards must love it too!- they added it to favorites! :)

Watch the video here: The Newest little SHAYTARD! (digital painting)

Before & After: Olgakay is SO thoughtful!!!

The emotion and drama in this photo is undeniable, and certainly worth a retouch! Her pose reminded me of a classy, romantic painting. The eyes are my favorite part of this picture, looking like there just about to cry, its truly beautiful.

Before & After: Servin' up a BLT with STYLE!

I spent a long time going through brittani's videos to find the perfect screenshot of her holding the letters. I think I got it just right! Brittani liked the photo so much shes using it as her twitter background!

"This is crazy! I wish I was as good as you with photoshop!! :D"

Watch the video here: Servin' up a BLT with STYLE! (photo makeover)

Before & After: ijustine is the ULTIMATE beach BABE!

As soon I stumbled across this photo of ijustine, I knew it would be an amazing retouch! Its the look in the eyes that really makes a photo extraordinary.

Before & After: Shane Dawson's Sha-nay-nay is HOT!!!

Its difficult to drastically retouch a photo of a man, all your really doing is clearing up the skin, maybe making the eyes pop, so naturally I went ahead and retouched Shanaynay. Whether or not to keep the 3rd eyebrow was one of the most difficult decisions of my life.

See the video here: Shane Dawson's Sha-nay-nay is HOT!!!

Photo Contest: ORANGE: the newest SEX symbol?

Here's a closer look at one of my entries for the realannoyingorange photo contest. Unfortunately, I didn't win, but I still love this picture! :)

See all my entries here: ORANGE: the newest SEX symbol?

Before & After: allthatglitters21 is a REAL VAMPIRE!

This was one of my favorite retouches- turning Elle into a vampire! Doesn't she look great as a brunette!?

"hahaha I love it!! I guess this is what I would look like with my sisters color hair lol! Thank you!"

Watch the video here: allthatglitters21 is a REAL VAMPIRE!

Before & After: RayWilliamJohnson's secret life as a DRAG QUEEN!?

Women are much more fun to retouch, yet I love RayWilliamJohnson's videos, and had to include him somehow! Its not the most realistic retouch, but I prefer the artsy style myself.

Watch the video here: RayWilliamJohnson's secret life as a DRAG QUEEN!?

Before & After: Lisa Gaga!? (LisaNova Makeover)

Retouching Lisa was a real treat, and giving her a Lady Gaga inspired look was a great excuse to add some wild makeup, which I love to do! I listened to nothing but Gaga while making this video. Shes such a creative inspiration!

Watch the transformation here: Lisa Gaga!? (LisaNova Makeover)

Before & After: sxephil's sexy guido makeover!

Inspired by the lifestyles of the cast of The Jersey Shore, Phil gets the guido treatment, orange tan included.

Watch the video here: sxephil's sexy guido makeover!

Before & After: reTouching Blair (Barbie inspired)

My main point in this video was to clear up her skin, but as you can see, I went a little overboard. I originally made her have blond hair in this retouch, but it made her unrecognizable!

You can watch the video of this transformation here: re Touching Blair (Barbie inspired)


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