is Toby cute? win? or FAIL!?

Toby Turner is the next HUGE youtube breakout star! His Tobuscus channel is nonstop quotable comedy, his video gaming commentary is fun and relatable, plus his vlog channel ("audience?") is becoming a fad of its own. Super likeable, highly entertaining, and full of epic win. If you haven't got what im trying to say, this is the man to watch. This is the first time I made an animated gif for a video. I hope you all like it, and if you do, you can expect a tutorial on it soon!

Watch the video here: is Toby cute? win? or FAIL!?


Touching My Subscribers #8




Watch the video here: Touching My Subscribers #8

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos!!!
If you didn't get picked, remember this is a continuing series, so try again!
Please do read the instructions, I have been getting a lot of too small or blurry photos! I have also received some really great photos that I couldn't pick because there was no YouTube channel mentioned! :o


DeStorm is bringin' the THUNDER!!! (digital painting)

DeStorm is one of the smoothest people on Youtube- without a doubt. He raps, he acts, he does super impressive workouts, he mingles with real celebrities, and always keeps his cool! But forget all that, what really makes him impressive is how inspirational his videos can be. DeStorm's creativity levels are way up in the clouds! That's exactly what inspired me to create this digital painting. I hope he likes it, and I hope all of you do too!

Watch the video here: DeStorm is bringin' the THUNDER!!! (digital painting)