Touching My Subscribers #17

Watch the video here:

Thank you to all who sent in photos! I'm currently working on a video to explain how you can be part of "Touching My Subscribers", but until then you can scroll down the blog to find the old instructions! Good Luck!


Want to be in an upcoming video?

Here are the rules:

1. You MUST be a subscriber to this youtube channel: reTouchMeYT
2. You MUST be 13+ years old, and its always a good idea to ask a parents permission.
3. You MUST send a photo of YOURSELF, not your cat, or a celebrity, or your next door neighbor...the photo needs to be of YOU!


- a photo of yourself.
Please no files larger than 3.5 MB
Too small/blurry photos or group photos will not be considered.
Please only send ONE.

- your youtube channel name.
If I use your photo, I want to link back to your channel!!!

- your permission.
Include a statement - "I give reTouchMeYT permission to use my photo, and verify that the photo is of myself."

If your not ok with your photo (before and after) being seen by the internet population, DONT SEND IT!

Email: reTouchMeYTpics@gmail.com

I hope to show appreciation for my subscribers with these videos and give them a chance to gain some new subscribers themselves! Due to popular demand and an overflowing inbox, every other video I post will be "Touching My Subscribers".
Thank you all for making reTouchMeYT a growing success!

*There is no guarantee that your photo will be chosen, however, those that meet all guidelines mentioned above are more likely to be featured.


LAUGHING at thewinekone (Digital Painting)

The photo you see above is my tribute to a man who is terribly underrated on YouTube, which is a shame because he has been producing quality, comedic videos since the site begun. He is Tony Huynh, a.k.a. thewinekone, and his jokes go above and beyond to the point where your so uncomfortable, the only response is laughter. This digital painting was first seen as a "sneak peak" in my digital painting tutorial video, and now the scene is complete, all five Tonys. My biggest challenge with this digital painting, and all my paintings, is finding the right balance between painting and photo, as once you add too many layers of detail, it begins to look too real. I originally drew Tony holding the painting and licking it, but that was a level of creepy only thewinekone could pull off. I hope you all enjoy this video, and I hope Tony likes it too!

Watch the video here:

"Oh wow. At first I was like, those pencil drawings look terrible. But then I was, oh. It's actually quite good now!" - Tony