smosh sent to CLOWN JAIL!? WTF?

Ian and Anthony seem like such nice guys, hard to believe they'd put on clown makeup, rob a bank, and shoot innocent hostages. Heck, these guys are so awesome even videos from jail would rock! Luckily, none of that really happened (obviously), im only talking about the latest legend on the Halloween Haunted Mantel Series! I hope your all enjoying these extra creepy photos with extra strange ghost stories! (and if your not, dont worry, after October I'll start with an all new Touching My Subscribers, more digital paintings, tutorials, the usual.) Don't you love how psycho Anthony looks? and Ian plays the sad hobo clown role perfectly. lol I'm definitely interested to know what smosh thinks about this video. I was originally planning to turn them into a real-life Burt & Ernie, but trust me, this came out better.

Watch the video here: smosh sent to CLOWN JAIL!? WTF?

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