wheezywaiter Good -or- EVIL!? (digital painting)

This digital painting was the most time consuming yet! The final product was actually TOO detailed, and a little too unbelievable, therefore the final version you see now has been substantially blurred to look more like a painting and less like a photograph. I also made a colored version, but the painting lost too much detail and depth, as well as the bold, red devil wheezy completely throwing the painting off balance. I highly recommend you check out wheezywaiter's videos, he has a very calm way about him, even with explosions and extreme close-ups. He always has something interesting to vlog about it, and will surely be among the top subscribed for a long time. Now if you'll excuse me beardlovers, I have an eagle to catch...

Watch the video here: wheezywaiter Good -or- EVIL!? (digital painting)

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  1. ive always heard shay talk about whezywaiter but ive never gon to his chanel n check him out. he won the supernote n i was shaytardrebellionite :(. cool edit tho. im now editing vids and pics. its chalenging
    check me out at sianrose01.blogspot.com