Its the classic story of Spiderman, except with a pumpkin! haha! We all know pumpkins don't bite...or do they? Its another installment of The Haunted Mantel series, putting a Halloween twist on some digital art! Let me just say KevJumba is the man. His personality shines through every video! Its no wonder he caught the eye of the reality show "The Amazing Race"! #TeamJumba !!! It was very difficult to turn such a charming face into a scary pumpkin face. Infact, I don't think it came out scary at all, but there is a slight creepy tone in that smirk. I hope you all like it!

@kevjumba "Creepy but kinda cool, make a KevJumbkin for halloween!"

Watch the video here: kevJUMBA PUMPKIN!!!

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