mini tutorial: unbelivable eyes! (ft. MakeupByTiffanyD)

Ever wonder what you would look like with a different eye color? Wonder no more! Photoshop makes it easy to go from blue to brown and back again! In this tutorial featuring the lovely makeup guru, Tiffany, I show you exactly how I change eye color, fast! This is also a great way to make your eyes really stand out in photos! I hope you all try this one out, its alot of fun, and super easy!

Watch the video here: mini tutorial: unbelivable eyes! (ft. MakeupByTiffanyD)


Look-A-Likes: Taylor Swift and Nanalew!?

While watching some of Nanalew's videos, I couldn't help but notice she resembled Taylor Swift! Even with the dark hair, I could see that they had similar facial features, so I decided to see what a few changes in photoshop could do! Im probably going to make "Look-A-Likes" a regular series if you all like the idea. I can already see alot of possibilities! One of the most difficult things to do is turn a brunette blonde, which is almost equally difficult in real life, you'll usually end up with orange hair! lol Looking back on the photo, I probably should of just pasted some actual Taylor hair on the photo, I'll keep that in mind for future Look-A-Likes. haha! Also, using a screenshot instead of a photo sacrifices some quality. Even though I made her look like Taylor Swift, she still mainly looks like herself, so overall, mission accomplished. Do you think she looks like Taylor Swift?

Watch the video here: Look-A-Likes: Taylor Swift and Nanalew!?


pogobat is READY for your TASK! (Dan 3.0)

When popular youtuber pogobat announced he was going to let us control his life through a decision engine, it seemed crazy, impossible, and certainly groundbreaking! Its been a short journey so far, but Dan Brown has assured us his project "Dan 3.0" will continue on and become even more of an adventure! So all we can do now is watch and see what happens! (and if you don't like it, there's still a great video of him solving a rubix cube while on a pogo stick!)

Here's a link to his decision engine where you can submit a task for Dan to do: http://revision3.com/dan30

Below is a picture of the infamous chalkboard left blank, so you can click the image, save the larger version, and write your own phrase on the chalkboard!


Touching My Subscribers #5




Watch the video here:
Touching My Subscribers #5

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos!!!
If you didn't get picked, remember this is a continuing series, so try again!

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