For the final installment of The Haunted Mantel series, I went with a popular pick, Julian Smith! Viral genius? yes. Hilarious comedian? yes. Freaky scary pirate? oh yes yes yes. His videos have a unique brand of humor that matches perfectly with the internet generation. This guy is also a really talented actor, as you can clearly see by the wide range of characters he expertly portrays. From the start of this series, I knew I wanted to do a creepy pirate look, the problem was who? This screenshot popped out at me like a buried treasure! It was a fantastically fun retouch, and I think its pretty scary! Hope you all like it! I Would love to hear what Julian thinks about this!

Happy Halloween everyone! The Haunted Mantel series is now over, but up next I'll have another Touching My Subscribers, so check the post below, its never too late!

Watch the video here: JULIAN SMITH wants yar BOOTY!

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