The ULTIMATE Grace Face! (Grace Helbig digital painting)

Digital paintings are one of the most time consuming hobbies of mine, especially when they turn out this good! I'm a huge fan of Grace, and spent extra time on the details to make this pop just like a photo! She's a big inspiration to many and a joy to watch! The best part is her career is just getting started, as I think she has an even brighter future ahead! I absolutely love drawing hair more than anything, (which makes sense seeing I began my digital painting career drawing dogs!), and swooping around Grace's hair for this painting was a lot of fun. The toughest part of this painting was the teeth, which took so long I edited out most of the process, but it wasn't looking pretty at first (lol)! For the future, I think I will continue to do more "portrait" style digital paintings, rather than add new objects in the painting (ex. JennaMarbles dangling keys or sxePhil's abs) because they are a lot simpler to create and have a more realistic end result. Overall, this is one of my best, and I honestly hope Grace sees it and likes it because I adore her! I hope you all like it too! 

Watch the video here: