mini tutorial: perfect skin!

One of the most amazing things photoshop can do is give you flawless skin. In this tutorial, I do my best to explain how. These kind of techniques take alot of practice. Even I get it wrong sometimes. Infact, even in this tutorial the skin is quite over-airbrushed, but thats mainly for the sake of the tutorial to show you how far you can take it. You can use this same demonstration to cover anything anywhere! (a tattoo, smudged lipstick, a unibrow!) I recommend using the healing brush to fix up your facebook photos, your friends will never know! haha

Watch the video here: mini tutorial: get PERFECT skin!


The MysteryGuitarMan clone JAM!

MysteryGuitarMan is an extremely talented editor, and a creative inspiration for me. He combines music with advanced editing techniques to create some of the most unique and original videos on YouTube! A simple makeover just wouldn't cut it, so I went for quantity, not qaulity, and created 60 different photoshopped frames to play around with. Compared to what Joe does, this was nothing, but I think the result is a nice tribute to him and all the great videos he creates. I think I'll stick to editing photos. (lol) Look at this mess:

Watch the video here: The MysteryGuitarMan clone JAM!


jpmetz taught me everything I know!

This woman really is amazing. Her sense of humor is so refreshing, her videos are so unique, and if anyone on youtube deserves more exposure, its her! I absolutely love her twist on the comment section, as its always filled with compliments and marriage proposals. If your not in on the joke, then your really missing out! In all seriousness, I haven't watched someone rant this entertainingly since boh3m3! This video is my compliment to you Justine, keep making wonderful videos full of cheer! I hope you like your makeover, or at least throw me a good insult, it would be an honor.

Heres the before & after:
"OMG LOLLLL i love it! this is so cool thanks @retouchmeyt!"



There's no denying it, this man loves his wolves. He's obviously team Jacob. Thats why I created this wolf mosaic for Kassem.
It would make a pretty cool t-shirt, but I guess thats up to him! lol
Kassem has easily become one of my favorite youtubers. I especially love his role in "Hot Girlz", and once season two is out I have another retouch for him planned. It was rather difficult deciding the right spots where Kassem meets wolf. You'll notice at the mouth/nose area things get a little tricky, but I think the picture overall has just the right percentage of Kassem vs. wolf.

I hope he likes it and embraces his inner wolf!

Watch the video here: KassemG JOINS the WOLFPACK!


Touching My Subscribers #2




Watch the video here: Touching My Subscribers #2

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos!
If you didn't get picked, I will be doing more of these videos soon, so try again!

vvv Instructions are on the post below! vvv


Shane Dawson 60 years from NOW!? OMG!

Everyone gets old at some point! Chances are, Shane won't look like this at all, remember this is for entertainment purposes! Funny thing is, I originally planned on doing this "old person" makeunder to Kandee Johnson, but she is just too pretty I couldn't do this to her! Don't get me wrong, I love Shane too, but I think he would appreciate it more given his sense of humor. Im still thinking of a good video for Kandee in the future.

I also want to mention just because I already made a video with Shane does not mean I won't keep featuring new people. Alot of you keep suggesting KassemG, which I do have plans for him, Im just waiting for the right time.

I also want to feature YOU! If your interested, theres always a post with more details somewhere on this front page of my blog.

Watch the video here: Shane Dawson 60 years from NOW!? OMG!

Watch the Shanaynay makeover here: Shane Dawson's Sha-nay-nay is HOT!!!