What If... courtneypants was a cartoon!?

If courtneypants had her own cartoon, it would be a world filled with unicorns, rainbows, and kettle-corn! In this video, I draw Courtney as a happy unicorn! Its part of a new series of videos I'll be doing that answer the question "What If...", and Im ready to take any suggestions you'd like to see! So far my favorite user idea is "What if Charles and Alli Trippy had a baby?"- I'll be photo-shopping that in the future- sounds fun! haha

Anywho, back to Courtney- She displays her charming personality and humor in her daily vlogs and cooking adventures, and has a unique fashion sense you can't help but love! Courtney not only spreads unicorn awareness, but she cares about other important issues too and remains a great role model for girls everywhere.
 As some of you may know, she is currently running for a King of The Web, and theres only 1 day left to vote! (http://kingofweb.com/users/courtneypants) After all the drama and stress the competition has caused for her, a cute/creepy video is the best I could do to help cheer her up! You can help cheer her up too by voting as much as you can, as she says we need a "unicorn miracle" to win! Hope you all like this video and keep the ideas coming for the "What If..." series!

Watch the video here:

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