Look-A-Likes: Taylor Swift and Nanalew!?

While watching some of Nanalew's videos, I couldn't help but notice she resembled Taylor Swift! Even with the dark hair, I could see that they had similar facial features, so I decided to see what a few changes in photoshop could do! Im probably going to make "Look-A-Likes" a regular series if you all like the idea. I can already see alot of possibilities! One of the most difficult things to do is turn a brunette blonde, which is almost equally difficult in real life, you'll usually end up with orange hair! lol Looking back on the photo, I probably should of just pasted some actual Taylor hair on the photo, I'll keep that in mind for future Look-A-Likes. haha! Also, using a screenshot instead of a photo sacrifices some quality. Even though I made her look like Taylor Swift, she still mainly looks like herself, so overall, mission accomplished. Do you think she looks like Taylor Swift?

Watch the video here: Look-A-Likes: Taylor Swift and Nanalew!?

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